Conveyor Systems

MMCI has extensive experience in the integration of all types of conveyor systems, and unlike many other many material handling integrators that tend to partner with only one conveyor supplier, MMCI offers solutions from several leading suppliers - providing us the flexibility to match the most appropriate equipment for your specific application and budget.

metal conveyor system    Our recommendations are based solely on the layout of your facility, your specific needs, and the goals of your organization - not based on our partnership with a specific supplier.

Some of the more popular conveyor systems we provide include:

  • Chute Conveyors
    One of the most basic conveyor systems, the chute conveyor allows products to accumulate in an area for shipping or transport to another area.
  • Roller & Skate Wheel Conveyors
    Ideal for the transport of heavier products, roller and skate wheel conveyors are able to be powered electronically or through the use of gravity.
  • grain conveyorBelt Conveyors
    The most common powered conveyor, the belt conveyor is comprised of one long belt, which aids in the transport of light to medium weight products with a high rate of control - even along an incline.
  • Chain Conveyors
    Chain conveyors transport products in a similar fashion to belt conveyors, however instead of carrying products on a belt, chain conveyors carry products on a system of chains.

MMCI also offers several specialized conveyor systems to address less common material handling challenges.

  • sanitary conveyorVertical lift and bucket systems
    Ideal for vertical transportation, or areas with minimal space
  • Stainless steel conveyors
    USDA, FDA, and 3A Dairy compliant systems
  • Wire, mesh and plastic conveyors
    Ideal for food handling or the transportation of washed goods
  • High temperature metal conveyors
    Heat resistant systems, which facilitate the transport of high-temperature products

By integrating well-designed conveyor systems in your facility, you will see dramatically reduced labor costs, improved accuracy and enhanced productivity in your operation.

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