Floor Care & Cleaning Equipment

Clean facilities mean safer, more productive operations - and Wiese has what it takes for you to keep yours that way.

Wiese sells, rents and services a full line of industrial floor care cleaning equipment to keep your manufacturing and warehouse facilities clean. Our industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers are manufactured by leading companies including Advance and American Lincoln.

sweeper truck

Sweeper Trucks

Whether you are cleaning a college campus or just need to do spring cleaning in  your warehouse, Wiese has the equipment and rental programs to meet your needs. Choose from indoor/outdoor models powered by battery, gas, L.P. or diesel.

 floor scrubber

Floor Scrubbers

Keep your warehouse and manufacturing floors clean with these labor-saving   riding scrubbers. Our extensive selection allows you to choose a model that will fit your cleaning needs. From compact models designed to operate indoors to heavy-duty tractor scrubbers perfect for garages and outdoor facilities, Wiese offers models for purchase or rental.


Sweeper/Scrubber Trucks

These machines offer the utmost convenience to their users. Save valuable time and money by doubling productivity. These eliminate the need for pre-sweeping or wasting time cleaning out wet, messy debris trays.

 outdoor sweeper truck

Outdoor Sweeper Trucks

Wiese offers equipment for every application including municipal cleaning, outdoor cleaning and public maintenance cleaning. The cleaning equipment is used to clean concrete and asphalt surfaces such as airport tarmacs and city streets, as well as congested areas like university campuses and city parks.

 floor care - cleaning sol

Cleaning Solutions

 Wiese offers a full line of super concentrated cleaning solutions where one just needs to add water. We feel this is the best and most cost-effective way to distribute and dispense bulk cleaning chemicals.

floor care - groupWiese has been building expertise in the industry since 1944, with single-source material-handling solutions including the best-built brands in new equipment and rentals, along with comprehensive service and parts programs that make the most of your investment. Trust Wiese's size, strength, and custom-fit services to create clear advantages for your business.

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