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Industrial Floor Care Equipment Videos

Click the link above to learn more about the latest industrial cleaning technologies from Nilfisk Advance. The videos in this gallery cover various topics including:

  • Advance SW8000 model Sweeper unit
  • Advance Dustguard™ cleaning technology

FEATURED VIDEO: Advance Floor Care Equipment

Wiese USA is your regional expert in industrial cleaning equipment. With the area's largest and most well maintained rental fleet of sweepers & scrubbers, we offer your business the equipment that your operation requires to keep your facility both clean and safe.

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Kalmar High Capacity Lift Truck Videos

Click the link above to learn more about Kalmar high capacity lift trucks. The videos in this gallery cover various topics including:

  • Kalmar high capacity lift truck overview
  • Kalmar electric ECF lift truck
  • Container handlers
  • Footage of Kalmar lift trucks at work
  • The Kalmar Reachstacker

FEATURED VIDEO: Kalmar Lift Trucks

Wiese offers our customers a wide variety of high capacity lift trucks for sale, short term & long term rental from Kalmar & Hoist. With lifting capacities up to 115,000 lbs, Wiese offers the Big Truck that fits your unique operational demands.

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Equipment & Systems Integration Videos

This gallery provides a visual overview of services provided by the Wiese Systems Group. Videos in this gallery provide footage about the below.

  • Palletizing equipment
  • Vertical lift storage units
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS)
  • Order picking systems
  • Load transfer stations

FEATURED VIDEO: Systems Integration

Wiese USA has specialized in providing industry leading material handling and systems solutions to the Midwest and beyond. Wiese's focus has been to provide custom tailored solutions and top-of-the-line equipment to our partner customers.

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Visit the Systems Group section for more information about our systems integration services.