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Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

Trailer mounted boom lifts are especially useful for applications that require high reach capability, but don't require a self-propelled unit. Most machines have turntables that can be rotated 360° in either direction and raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal for easier positioning.

Boom lifts range in heights from 35 feet to 79 feet, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The trailer lifts are compact and lightweight allowing them to be towed to any site, where their stabilizers correct uneven ground levels.

  • One to two-man weight capacity
  • Offers ease of transport from point to point
  • Towable using standard pickup truck
  • Gasoline-powered, trailer-mounted high-reach equipment makes refueling in the field simple
  • A very economical alternative to the acquisition of booms
  • Reduce rental costs for high-reach equipment with this low-cost, towable solution
  • Ideal for tree trimmers, construction, small manufacturing facilities, parks and municipalities

New Equipment Sales

Wiese offers the most extensive line of durable and dependable material handling equipment which can be used for a variety of applications in many different industries. With our many years of experience and excellent customer service, we can provide solutions to meet any of your material handling needs.

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Parts & Service

As one of the largest material handling equipment companies in the Midwest, Wiese can service all types and brands of forklifts, booms, lifts, sweepers, scrubbers, rail car movers and other industrial vehicles. Plus, our stock of replacement parts and accessories is unmatched in the Midwest.

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Rental Equipment

Save money when you rent from Wiese. Certain pieces of equipment that aren't used all the time can be poor capital investments. In fact, when you compare costs on an hours-worked basis, you might be shocked at the difference between owned equipment versus rental. You can potentially save thousands of dollars per year by renting equipment, rather than purchasing.

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