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Ottawa Yard Trucks & Trailer Spotters

Designed for ergonomics, the Ottawa yard truck (or trailer spotter), manufactured by Kalmar, has pre-formed chassis framed rails made from steel plate. Frame rails are designed with pre-punched holes to allow the optional equipment to be bolted on instead of welded to prevent fatigue to the chassis.

Kalmar Ottawa Yard Trucks have many features including power steering, automatic gear shifting, sharp turning radius, and extremely good visibility.

ottawa yard truck
  • Easily and efficiently move trailers
  • Maximize resources by spotting three trailers in the time it takes an over-the-road tractor to spot one
  • Handle semi-trailers, terminal containers, and roll trailers
  • 4x2 and 6x4 units available
  • On-road and off-road models available
  • Ideally suited for truck yards, terminals, distribution centers, manufacturing settings and ports

New Yard Trucks for Sale

Wiese offers the most extensive line of durable and dependable material handling equipment including competitive pricing on new Ottawa yard trucks and spotters by Kalmar. With our many years of experience and excellent customer service, we can provide solutions to meet any of your material handling needs.

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Yard Truck Parts & Service

As one of the largest material handling equipment companies in the Midwest, Wiese can service all types and brands of forklifts, trucks, sweepers, railcar movers and other industrial vehicles. Plus, our stock of replacement parts and accessories is unmatched in the Midwest.

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Yard Truck Rentals

Save money when you rent from Wiese. Certain pieces of equipment that aren't used all the time can be poor capital investments. In fact, when you compare costs on an hours-worked basis, you might be shocked at the difference between owned equipment versus rental. You can potentially save thousands of dollars per year by renting equipment, rather than purchasing.

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