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Turret Trucks

Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks

narrow aisle turret truck

Wiese sells, rents and services very narrow aisle turret trucks that are designed for full pallet handling or a combination of case picking and pallet handling. Our turret trucks are available in "man up" and "man down" styles, and work in aisle widths only inches wider than the truck itself.

  • Uniquely designed to safely and efficiently store and retrieve products in tight operating spaces
  • Narrow Aisle equipment eliminates the double-handling of items by directly unloading tractor trailers and stocking warehouse shelves
  • Power options include electric and LPG
  • Wire guidance and rail guidance features available
  • Available in "man up" and "man down" styles

These durable and dependable turret trucks are ideal for high-density warehouses and distribution centers.

Multi-Directional Turret Trucks

multi-directional turret truck

The innovative turret lift truck can pivot loads 180 degrees for side-to-side aisle access in very narrow aisles without turning the chassis. The multi-directional turret trucks are the perfect solution for those high density storage applications where space is a major concern. It essentially transforms any warehouse into an efficient, high density storage facility.

Turret trucks are equipped with many features including

  • Digital load weight readouts
  • Password protected access to programming and diagnostics
  • Automatic power shutdown when the forklift is not in use


Get Your Business Moving With Forklifts From Wiese

Wiese offers the most extensive line of durable and dependable line of lift trucks for a variety of applications and industries. With our many years of experience and excellent customer service, we can provide the solution for your particular material handling needs.

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Parts & Service

As one of the largest material handling equipment companies in the Midwest, Wiese can service all types and brands of forklifts from electric pneumatic lifts to rough terrain trucks. Plus, our stock of replacement parts and accessories is unmatched in the Midwest. Add value to your new forklift purchase with a Complete Parts program or Scheduled Maintenance and Repair program to ensure long-lasting performance of your vehicle.

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Forklift Rentals

Save money when you rent from Wiese. Certain pieces of equipment that aren't used all the time can be poor capital investments. In fact, when you compare costs on an hours-worked basis, you might be shocked at the difference between owned equipment versus rental. You can potentially save thousands of dollars per year by renting equipment, rather than purchasing.

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