Wiese's values are to be recognized as the best solution for your material handling needs and to treat our customers as we would want to be treated. Our value system... 

Sense of Urgency...We are in a service business. Move quickly to perform tasks and beat deadlines. Be entrepreneurial.

People...Treat all people with respect and always work to make each other better. Be a coach, partner, and mentor to those you work with.

Excellence...Always strive to do your best and hire the finest people. We must do this in order to be benchmark associates in a world-class company. Be great every day!

Customers...Always put the customer first in all we do...exceed their expectations.

Integrity...No matter what, always do the right and ethical thing.

Accountability...Be accountable for your own actions and excuses.

Leadership...Leadership and teamwork at all levels. Teamwork is key to a special culture.