Major Announcement Puts Spotlight on Impressive Runtimes by Jungheinrich Trucks


In a major announcement released today by MCFA, Jungheinrich, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric warehouse technology, unveiled a 2 Shifts / 1 Charge Guarantee for many models of their lift trucks. The guarantee will have a powerful impact on a customer’s overall operation, saving significant time and money with trucks that are on the job more than twice as long as competitor’s models. Specifically, the guarantee is for 16 hours of run time on a single battery charge, eliminating many work stoppages for battery charging or changing.

While battery charging can consume valuable time, storing spare batteries not only costs money but also takes up space, affecting many operations where space is already tight. Adding in the diminished lifespan of batteries that are charged after each shift, the cost savings add up quickly.

For a complete list of models and battery specifications, as well as details on our 7-Day Demo Challenge, contact your Wiese Representative today. It’s time to take your operation to the next level with Jungheinrich warehouse products.

Watch what customers are saying about the 2 Shift Guarantee:


What do workplace injuries truly cost?

When we discuss workplace safety with our team members and customers, and in particular the hazards surrounding warehouse operations and material handling equipment, we often talk about the high costs of accidents and how to best invest in prevention. But the fact is, the true cost of work related injuries reaches well beyond what is measured on accounting reports.

EHS Safety News America contributor Jack Benton authored a thought provoking infographic in 2014 detailing many of the indirect or ‘hidden’ costs associated with workplace injuries, including the high costs of investigating accidents, retraining or hiring replacement personnel and even productivity losses related to poor worker moral. Most devastating are of course the human costs, for the injured worker and their families – a cost that cannot be measured. At Wiese, our team members practice a Safety ACT (Always Count To Twelve) System that focuses on the twelve most common causes of worker accidents, and service personnel participate regularly in safety improvement communications and sharing. We remind each other daily that ‘everyone goes home healthy’.

What is your facility doing to improve worker safety? How can your material handling equipment and service provider help the effort to keep employees and facilities safe? It’s a discussion that should take place on a daily basis and there is no time like the new year to get started.

From all of us at Wiese, wishing you a SAFE New Year!



3 Tips for Winterizing Your Docks – It’s Not Too Late

Various parts of the country will be hit by winter weather at unpredictable times, which just means if you haven’t been hit yet, you probably will. The good news? There’s still time to winterize your docks to make a safer and more comfortable environment for your workers and products. Frigid temps, freezing rain and blowing and drifting snow quickly drive up operating costs and create workplace hazards.

  • TIP 1: Head Curtain Dock Seal
    • A head curtain dock seal can accommodate a variety of trailer heights. A combination of foam side pads and a weighted head curtain seal the gaps that could let in freezing rain and snow, protecting employees and products during the cross-docking process.
    • For added protection, install a rain shroud to keep snow and icy raid out of the loading dock area.
    • Rain shrouds can be retrofitted to an existing unit.
  • TIP 2: Air Curtains
    • Air curtains provide superior environmental separation by keeping out cold winds in winter while ensuring the pedestrian and vehicle traffic have free access in and out of the building.
    • The energy savings gained from installing air curtains typically covers the purchase price within one year.
    • Improved indoor air quality is important for employees and product.
  • TIP 3: Install HVLS Fans
    • High Volume/Low Speed fans from MacroAir move massive amounts of air and during winter months can be run in reverse to force warm air trapped at the ceiling of your facility down toward workers, creating a much more comfortable environment.
    • MacroAir AirVolution-D fans come in three high-performing and low-maintenance designs. Model 780 is an ideal solution for loading docks, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
    • https://www.wieseusa.com/hvls-fans.html

Work with Wiese USA’s Dock and Door experts to assess the hazards and energy loss situation at your facility. Our vast network of best-in-class suppliers and our expert team of installation and repair technicians provide year round support at your facility. Don’t let weather sideline your operation or your budget. Wiese will show you the right solutions with the right ROI.


Working with Rental Experts Saves Money in the Long Term

Warehouse and operations managers who are responsible for renting reliable material handling equipment have many variables to consider besides the cost and terms of the rental. Basing any rental decision on price alone is risky, for a number of reasons. Forklift equipment is a great example, as capacities, attachments, run times and battery handling (in the case of electric units) are key considerations, as well as ensuring that critical safety measures are met. If your rental source doesn’t specialize in equipment used in specific operations, you could be getting sub-par vehicles that are not the right fit for your application.

Equipment experts should recommend the right equipment for rentals, not just new or used equipment sales. All 5000 lb. forklifts are not equal; an equipment specialist should do a thorough analysis of the application, including what you are lifting, operator experience, conditions and safety concerns. Likewise, you could be paying for too much capacity or features you don’t need. To make certain you are getting the right fit, not just the next available unit, work with specialists. Are you certain of the age and maintenance history of the equipment you rent? If not, you could be setting yourself up for unnecessary downtime for service visits, just as missed specifications on equipment could mean delays in your operation and impact your bottom line. Use a reliable company that specializes in warehouse and material handling operations to ensure the right equipment is delivered the first time, and ask about up time guarantees.

Wiese USA specializes in renting best in class forklifts, aerial and industrial floor care equipment. Material handling and managing fleets have been our focus for more than 70 years, and we give the same care and attention to every unit whether we rent short or long term, lease or sell. Learn more about all the reasons renting can benefit your operation by visiting us at https://www.wieseusa.com/rental-equipment.html.