In a major announcement released today by MCFA, Jungheinrich, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric warehouse technology, unveiled a 2 Shifts / 1 Charge Guarantee for many models of their lift trucks. The guarantee will have a powerful impact on a customer’s overall operation, saving significant time and money with trucks that are on the job more than twice as long as competitor’s models. Specifically, the guarantee is for 16 hours of run time on a single battery charge, eliminating many work stoppages for battery charging or changing.

While battery charging can consume valuable time, storing spare batteries not only costs money but also takes up space, affecting many operations where space is already tight. Adding in the diminished lifespan of batteries that are charged after each shift, the cost savings add up quickly.

For a complete list of models and battery specifications, as well as details on our 7-Day Demo Challenge, contact your Wiese Representative today. It’s time to take your operation to the next level with Jungheinrich warehouse products.

Watch what customers are saying about the 2 Shift Guarantee: