Docks can present serious safety challenges, and the busier the warehouse or distribution facility, the more those concerns compound. One safety feature that deserves immediate attention is vehicle restraints. If your operation is not currently using vehicle restraints all the time, day in and day out, consider these hazards and look into an easy fix – installing vehicle restraints:
• Premature departure – the truck leaving the dock before loading/unloading is complete
• Dock walk or trailer creep – forward movement in the trailer caused by the repeated impact when a lift truck enters and exits the trailer

Wheel chocks placed by a dock attendant are commonly used, but restraints have been recognized by OSHA since 1981 as an acceptable alternative to wheel chocks, and they are faster and more reliable. Last, but not least, is the impact to your bottom line; using vehicle restraints helps eliminate costly loading dock accidents. Your employees, and your budget, will thank you.