When we discuss workplace safety with our team members and customers, and in particular the hazards surrounding warehouse operations and material handling equipment, we often talk about the high costs of accidents and how to best invest in prevention. But the fact is, the true cost of work related injuries reaches well beyond what is measured on accounting reports.

EHS Safety News America contributor Jack Benton authored a thought provoking infographic in 2014 detailing many of the indirect or ‘hidden’ costs associated with workplace injuries, including the high costs of investigating accidents, retraining or hiring replacement personnel and even productivity losses related to poor worker moral. Most devastating are of course the human costs, for the injured worker and their families – a cost that cannot be measured. At Wiese, our team members practice a Safety ACT (Always Count To Twelve) System that focuses on the twelve most common causes of worker accidents, and service personnel participate regularly in safety improvement communications and sharing. We remind each other daily that ‘everyone goes home healthy’.

What is your facility doing to improve worker safety? How can your material handling equipment and service provider help the effort to keep employees and facilities safe? It’s a discussion that should take place on a daily basis and there is no time like the new year to get started.

From all of us at Wiese, wishing you a SAFE New Year!