Warehouse and operations managers who are responsible for renting reliable material handling equipment have many variables to consider besides the cost and terms of the rental. Basing any rental decision on price alone is risky, for a number of reasons. Forklift equipment is a great example, as capacities, attachments, run times and battery handling (in the case of electric units) are key considerations, as well as ensuring that critical safety measures are met. If your rental source doesn’t specialize in equipment used in specific operations, you could be getting sub-par vehicles that are not the right fit for your application.

Equipment experts should recommend the right equipment for rentals, not just new or used equipment sales. All 5000 lb. forklifts are not equal; an equipment specialist should do a thorough analysis of the application, including what you are lifting, operator experience, conditions and safety concerns. Likewise, you could be paying for too much capacity or features you don’t need. To make certain you are getting the right fit, not just the next available unit, work with specialists. Are you certain of the age and maintenance history of the equipment you rent? If not, you could be setting yourself up for unnecessary downtime for service visits, just as missed specifications on equipment could mean delays in your operation and impact your bottom line. Use a reliable company that specializes in warehouse and material handling operations to ensure the right equipment is delivered the first time, and ask about up time guarantees.

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