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Horizontal Carousels & Vertical Lift Modules

Storage carousels and vertical lift modules (VLM) are an ideal solution for high-volume SKU (stock keeping unit) inventory applications. These highly efficient systems increase the storage capacity of distribution centers while maintaining efficient use of the available floor space as a result of their vertical design.

Automated software within these units facilitates the transportation of inventory items to the picker, optimizing the time and accuracy of regular order fulfillment while reducing the amount of time that is traditionally lost in locating and transporting inventory items.

vertical lift modula

Vertical Lift Modules
These vertical storage units optimize floor space by taking advantage of the high ceilings inherent in warehouse facilities and storing products in a vertical design.

These systems utilize a vertical drawer system for quick retrieval of components and products.

Horizontal Carousels
Horizontal carousels are the most cost-effective AS/RS system available and are ideal for high speed order picking, parts delivery and sortation applications.

These automated storage and retrieval systems are designed and constructed for the utmost in reliable performance and flexible configuration.


horizontal carousel storage