Improve your warehouse loading and unloading zones, and increase worker safety with reliable dock equipment from Wiese. We offer engineered solutions for loading dock equipment and supplies from trusted brands like McGuire and Fairborn, focusing on energy efficiency and safety with every installation.

Find out more about Wiese advanced environmental solutions for dock and door installations that meet GBCI Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.



Dock Levelers and Lifts

Dock levelers (also known as dock lifts, pit levelers or dock plates) have introduced a new level of safety and security to loading docks in thousands of warehouses and distribution centers. Modern dock levelers successfully integrate powerful and effective levelers with instantaneous, clear, nonverbal communications systems for your dock operator and drivers.

dock seals

Dock Seals

Dock Seals provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading docks safe and efficient. Loading dock seals feature ultra-durable framing for years of reliable performance.

dock shelter

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters help keep outside elements out of the warehouse providing energy savings and added comfort for the employees. The loading dock shelters are designed to accommodate a wide variety of door and vehicle sizes.


Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle and wheel restraints help minimize the five typical causes of serious accidents including trailer creep, early departure, loading gear failure, trailer upending and trailer drop.

yard ramps

Yard Ramps

A yard ramp bridges the gap between the truck and the dock allowing for safe loading of trucks. These ramps can be found in every industry and in every market from agriculture to military, from building trades to distribution.


Dock and Rail Boards

Steel dock boards bridge the gap between the truck and the dock, allowing for the safe loading of trucks. Steel dock boards have capacities ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 pounds. An aluminum dock board is ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications.

Expert Service

New Construction

Wiese USA has been busy building hundreds of new docks at one of the nation's largest warehouse and distribution centers, recently built in Edgerton, Kansas. If it's time for a checkup on your dock and door service, give Wiese a call. We have the experts and the equipment to keep things moving at your facility.

Dock and Door Equipment and Service Programs

Wiese USA maintains thousands of dock positions across the Midwest and Midsouth, providing solutions to companies with just a few to hundreds of busy docks. We know what it takes to make your warehouse, docks, doors and controls safe, efficient and productive. Give us a call for a no obligation consultation today.