Electric Forklifts

electric forkliftsWith environmental regulations growing, the market for versatile and powerful electric forklifts continues to increase.

Electric counterbalanced forklifts are an easy way to alleviate unpredictable fuel costs and provide a cleaner, greener, quieter alternative. In addition, the longer service life and ease of maintenance inherent with electric forklifts helps to increase your return on investment.

Wiese specializes in a complete line of electric counterbalanced forklifts with capacities ranging up to 100,000 pounds from industry leading manufacturers including:

  • Caterpillar
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kalmar
  • Jungheinrich
  • Hoist

Solutions From Wiese USA

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Sixteen Hours Run Time on A Single Charge

Click Here to learn more about a new generation of warehouse products by Jungheinrich's that are guaranteed to run 16 hours on a single battery charge.

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Did you know Wiese can help uncover your Total Cost of Ownership?

Whether you are converting from IC forklifts to save fuel or to meet sustainability initiatives, Wiese is uniquely qualified to help uncover hidden costs and help you maximize your ROI sooner than you thought possible.

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Large Selection of Electric Forklifts

Below are some of the common types of electric forklifts that we provide as new, used or rental options.

3-Wheel Electric Forklifts

A smaller lift truck with capacities from 2,500 to 4,000 pounds. These versatile lift trucks feature a smaller frame and chassis, providing a quick turning radius making them ideal for accessing areas unsuitable for larger 4-wheeled trucks.

3 wheel electric forklift

Electric Cushion Tire Forklifts

With the same maneuverability and durability as most internal combustion (IC) cushion tire forklifts, our electric cushion tire forklifts offer all of the power of heavy duty indoor forklift applications, with the cleaner, greener and quieter advantages of using electric.

cushion tire lift truck

Electric Pneumatic Tire Lifts

Ideal for heavy duty lifting applications outdoors, our electric pneumatic tire forklifts provide maximum power that is similar, or better than its internal combustion (IC) forklift counterparts. Combined with reduced emissions and a better return on investment, these electric pneumatic forklifts provide the performance and reliability required by high end facilities.

electric pneumatic fork lift truck 

Stand Up End Control

Designed for comfort and functionality, these stand up end control forklifts allow you to navigate tight areas with ease. With the added bonus of offering a green alternative with cleaner emissions, our stand up end control lifts provide you with a reliable solution for your material handling needs.

junheinrich electric forklift

High Capacity Electric Forklifts

Now you can meet the demands of higher productivity while also reducing emissions and fossil fuels with our line of high capacity electric lift trucks. With capacities up to 100,000 pounds, these models run more efficiently, with fewer planned maintenance intervals, and reduced energy consumption.

kalmar electric forklift

Applications For This Equipment

Wiese's Electric Forklift Specialists are experts in industries requiring clean, quiet, efficiently powered equipment, including:

  • Food and Kindred Product Manufacturing
  • Trucking and Warehousing
  • Cold Storage
  • Grocery and Retail

Want to learn more about the benefits of electric powered forklifts?

Whether you currently use electric powered forklifts or are considering converting to electric, Wiese's specialists will help you consider all the financial, environmental and operational factors essential to making a smart decision for your operation.

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