Fleet Management

For many companies, managing a forklift fleet or other material handling equipment can be a real distraction. In fact, for many companies fleet management is the most time consuming and costly expense after payroll.

forklift fleet managementWiese Fleet Management Services are designed to control material handling expenses and utilize material handling equipment in the most efficient manner possible. Wiese provides companies with professional management and the peace of mind in dealing with an established, reputable organization.

With every solution we provide we strive to identify hidden costs, deliver more efficient overall material movement, reduce downtime and most of all, increase your ROI. Let us demonstrate how we can put a positive spin your operation.

Our Fleet Management Services Group works with large operations across the USA; with over 70 years of material handling expertise, you can put your trust in Wiese to do what we do best – so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Fleet Plan Development

Our objective is to maximize the use of your fleet at the lowest cost per hour. Utilizing a Four-Step Process, we:

Audit & Plan

  • Identify the components in one's fleet and where they are located.
  • Determine how well the fleet is being utilized and establish a cost per operating hour.
  • Uncover the true application needs for each location.
  • Benchmark against like facilities.
  • Understand and plan utilization by vehicle.
  • Plan service programs that are the best fit by vehicle.
  • Plan procurement procedures and national account purchasing.


  • With data and a plan, we identify opportunities to save.
  • Advise on the right size of fleet for each location.
  • Specify the proper types of vehicles that should be at each location based on application needs.
  • Determine what other savings could be generated with our solutions.


Rather than simply making recommendations, Wiese Fleet Management Services group installs a system, trains appropriate personnel, and provides ongoing support and management of the fleet management program.

  • Gather data by location by identifying each unit with a serial number and hour meter.
  • Load information into the system.
  • Install an invoice processing system to ensure that all costs of ownership are properly allocated to each vehicle and verify that all services that occur are necessary.
  • Train appropriate personnel on how to use system.

Measurement & Management

With the system implemented, we manage the program to long range goals. With the ongoing collection of data and monitoring of invoices, we will:

  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Provide more effective long range capital planning.
  • Manage OSHA regulations and documentation.

Provide online reporting as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports utilizing our proprietary online fleet management software that provides information by location, by department, and by vehicle to allow better ongoing management of your fleet.

  • Utilization Summary
  • Utilization Matrix
  • Expense Report
  • Savings Log
  • Asset Listing
  • Unit & Service Review

Total Fleet Management Solutions From Wiese

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