Order Picker (NOR, EKS) 300"

In most retail, warehouse and storage applications, 85 percent of all restocking and picking takes place at the lowest three levels.

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Term Pricing*
Daily $240
Weekly $600
Monthly $1500
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*  Subject to availability. Rates are based on a single-shift operation and may vary by region and exclude freight.


Equipment Specs:

  • Compact
  • Ergonomic designed
  • Increase profitability of light-duty material handling operations
  • Contact us via the form below for rentals with immediate availability, and both new and select pre-owned units or 1-800-228-0049.

Compact, ergonomically designed, high level order picker vehicles can increase the profitability of your light-duty material handling operations by as much as 75 percent, depending on your current handling method.