Parts Options

Choose the parts-purchasing option that makes the most sense for your business, your schedule, and your staff. Wiese makes it easy with complete parts and flexible services.

With a proven ability to develop solutions tailored for your business, our promise of professionalism, integrity, and reliability makes us the right choice for your needs.

partsOver-The-Counter Purchasing

  • More than 30 locations in seven states
  • Convenient local parts pick-up
  • Broad selection of OEM and after-market parts for all major brands

Call-In Parts Orders & Delivery

  • Order locally and have parts delivered quickly to your business
  • Save your staff time and fuel
  • Allows more focus on business, not parts

Consignment Orders

  • Let Wiese stock and inventory a cabinet of your fastest-moving parts
  • Keep frequently purchased parts readily at hand
  • Simple, convenient billing

Direct Orders Through Sales Team

  • 80 Highly trained, experienced sales representatives
  • Knowledgeable advice
  • Custom orders and delivery options

Online Parts Program

  • Ideal for customers currently performing their own maintenance
  • Manage parts orders 24/7 using easy online platform
  • Simple search and cross-reference features make parts orders accurate and efficient
  • Parts for all makes and models of material-handling equipment