Red Zone Warning Light

The Red Zone Pedestrian Warning Light

We all know that workplace safety is very important. But did you know that every year, nearly 9,000 forklift related injuries are reported to OSHA, costing business owners millions of dollars in lost time and workers compensation? Remarkably, 40% of reported injuries involve a pedestrian.

Prevent injuries by ensuring your warehouse workers stay a safe distance away from forklifts with the Red Zone Warning Light. The Red Zone Warning Light places a bright red line on the floor near the forklift, commonly referred to as the Halo Zone, to indicate where workers can safely stand.

Pedestrians aren’t always aware of the dangers when standing near the forklift and rear-end swing is a common hazard. The Halo Zone helps prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing by showing the safe zone around any forklift or other mobile warehouse equipment.

The Red Zone Lights can be mounted to the sides of the forklift, as well as on the back and front of the vehicle to keep warehouse workers informed of where they can safely stand out of harm’s way. One light is installed for each side of the vehicle and the lights themselves come with a tool free bracket to make installation fast and easy. Heavy duty zip ties hold the lights firmly to the overhead guard. The lights can be adjusted to indicate the safety distance of your choice, typically between two and five feet from the forklift. Installation of each light bracket should only take a few minutes on most forklift makes and models.

This safety tool is ideal for loud and busy forklift environments and pairs well with the blue spot safety light which is great for increasing visibility when backing up or moving through narrow aisles.

Injuries and accidents can do serious damage to your business’ bottom line. Keep your warehouse safe and avoid costly injuries with the Red Zone Warning Light and Blue Spot Safety Light.

Recommended and installed by your local Wiese service branch.