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Rental Equipment

"I didn't know you rented that!"
That's something we hear all the time from our customers. While many of you know Wiese as your source for NEW forklifts, you may not know that we also maintain one of the largest rental fleets of material handling equipment in the Midwest.

With over 1000 vehicles and daily, weekly, and monthly rentals we can provide solutions to all of your short and long term needs.

To get started with your rental fill out the form above or contact your local Wiese representative via the numbers below.

  • Missouri, Illinois, & Kansas - Call Tracy Whiteside at 855-682-7368
  • Indiana - Call Mark Adkins at 855-973-7368
  • Arkansas, Mississippi, & Tennessee - Jason White at 866-475-3575


"Save money when you rent from Wiese"

Make your business more efficient and profitable - rent your material-handling equipment instead of purchasing it. Certain pieces of equipment that aren't used all the time can be poor capital investments. In fact, when you compare costs on an hours-worked basis, you might be shocked at the difference between owned equipment versus rental. You can potentially save thousands of dollars per year by renting equipment, rather than purchasing.

The Wiese Guarantee

wiese rental guaranteeGuaranteed Availability
If we dont have it, we'll find it. And if we don't have it, get 10% off your next order from Wiese.

Guaranteed Delivery
Delivered within one hour of your scheduled time or get 10% off your next rental.

Guaranteed Piece of Mind
If anything goes wrong with a rental unit, we will fix or swap it ... period!