Safety Products

Wiese USA is committed to providing the most effective safety products available for the material handling industry. Whether those tools are high tech, or simply the best horns and warning lights made, nothing is more important to us than our commitment to the safety of your operation.

Solutions From Wiese USA

Blue Spot Safety Lights

Essential Safety Products

  • Horn & Seat Belts (required for operation)
  • Amber Strobe Lights
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Swivel Seat w/Rear Horn
  • Forklift Safety Lights

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Red Zone Warning Lights

Safety Products From Wiese

Increase Safety at Your Facility

In addition to low tech safety products, Wiese USA specializes in deploying cutting-edge impact management and safety productivity systems, including:

  • ID Systems
  • KeyTroller
  • Total Trax

Talk to your Wiese USA Representative about the many ways these systems can improve safety, limit access to non-operators and reduce damage to your equipment and your facility.

  • Monitor truck functions (hydraulic usage, transmission engagement, etc.)
  • Provide operator and truck utilization data
  • Lockout and Tag Out of equipment
  • Email of events
  • Provide reporting to management