Terminal Tractors

Ottawa Terminal Tractors (also referred to as Yard Trucks or Spotter Trucks in the U.S.) have sought-after features including power steering, automatic gear shifting, sharp turning radius, and excellent visibility. Kalmar Ottawa is the world’s leader in terminal tractors offering the most comprehensive range of models for warehouse and distribution operations, ports and rail terminals. All Kalmar Ottawa trucks are built at the U.S. manufacturing plant in Ottawa, Kansas.

These workhorse trucks have pre-formed chassis framed rails made from steel plate. Frame rails are designed with pre-punched holes to allow optional equipment to be bolted on instead of welded to the chassis.

ottawa terminal tractor spotter trucks

  • Easily and efficiently move trailers
  • Maximize resources by spotting three trailers in the time it takes an over-the-road tractor to spot one
  • Handle semi-trailers, terminal containers, and roll trailers
  • 4x2 and 6x4 units available
  • On-road and off-road models available
  • Ideally suited for truck yards, terminals, distribution centers, manufacturing settings and ports

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Ottawa Truck Applications

Ottawa trucks are designed for use in a variety of applications, providing a wide range of benefits including:

  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Logistics Centers
  • Terminals and Ports
  • Truck Yards

Ottawa Terminal Tractors from Wiese

Wiese offers competitive pricing on new and pre-owned Ottawa yard trucks and spotter trucks by Kalmar. Plus, with more than 70 years of expertise with material handling equipment, we understand that busy facilities need dependable equipment and solutions that allow for built-in flexibility. That's why Wiese also offers fast and flexible rental programs to help you cover peak seasons.

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