Trackmobile Railcar Movers

Trackmobile Railcar Movers

Wiese is the largest Trackmobile railcar mover dealer in the Midwest, providing sales, service and solutions to eight states (Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Kansas).

We feature a complete selection of Trackmobiles including the Titan, Hercules and Viking as well as older and pre-owned models like the 4150TM, 95TM, 5TM and 9TM.


Railcar Mover Advantages

In this era of rising fuel prices, railcar movers offer a lower cost solution for moving your rail cars vs. locomotives or switching services.

  • Uniquely designed to travel on rail tracks and on roads
  • Steel wheels carry the equipment and load while on the rail; durable rubber tires lower for over-the-road travel
  • An economical alternative to switcher locomotives
  • With no clear rail track required, over-the-road option allows more productivity and versatility
  • Easily move 3 to 50 railcars at once
  • Remote-control options available
  • Ideal for in-plant railcar spotting and rail yards

Solutions From Wiese USA

Trackmobile Railcar Mover

Nationwide Rental: Wiese offers an extensive line of Trackmobile models for immediate rent, in top of the line condition, complete with the expertise to ensure your total satisfaction. From specification to delivery and training, our Rental Experts make certain they understand your facility's unique operational needs at every turn.

Our Rental Options

Rent Now! Used Equipment Expert Service

Trackmobile Titan - Select Certified Pre-Owned


Large Selection. Guaranteed.

Wiese offers a huge selection of new and pre-owned Trackmobile models including the Viking, Hercules and Titan for all applications ranging from light duty to heavy use applications. Wiese has picked up an additional line from Zephir called the Line Crab and is the smallest rail car mover unit. 

Trackmobile Viking

Trackmobile Viking

The Viking is a small format railcar mover. This unit is capable of hauling 12+ railcars when operating in a normal flat application. With a strong tractive effort rating for a unit of this size, the Viking is ideal for light to medium use applications.

Trackmobile Hercules

Trackmobile Hercules

The Hercules is a mid-sized railcar mover. This unit is capable of hauling 17 railcars on average when operating in a normal flat application. With a high tractive effort rating, the Hercules is ideal for medium to heavy use applications.

Trackmobile Titan

Trackmobile Titan

The Titan is a large format, high-capacity railcar mover. This unit is capable of hauling 25+ railcars when operating in a normal flat application. With a high tractive effort rating, the Titan is ideal for heavy use applications.


Railcar Mover Applications

Trackmobiles are designed for use in a variety of industries and applications including the following.

  • Railway
  • Distribution and Logistics Facilities
  •  Grain Handling
  • Cement
  • Plastics and Resins
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical

Trackmobile Railcar Movers from Wiese

Wiese has the largest selection of Trackmobile models including older models like the 4150TM 95TM, 5TM and 9TM, available as pre-owned or rental options. Our railcar mover specialists can help source the right equipment for your particular need.


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