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Utility Vehicles

Wiese offers a full line of industrial and warehouse vehicles to keep your operation running efficiently. Electric powered vehicles are an easy way to circumvent rising fuel costs and are a cleaner alternative to alternate fuel sources.

These all-purpose vehicles are ideal for a wide variety of applications from getting cargo, supplies, or materials to their destination to simply transporting people throughout large facilities. Both gas and electric models are available.

Vehicles from Columbia Parcar and our other best-in-class brands are respected for their quality and durability and serve as an excellent complement to our lines of other material handling equipment.

Burden Carriers

Burden carriers are ideal for transporting loads of up to 5,200 pounds quickly and easily in warehouse settings, colleges and universities, and hospitals. The optional trailer attachments allow you to transport additional loads.

utility - burden

Personnel Carriers

These carriers are an effective way to transport 2-10 people easily around your facilities. Personnel carriers have trailer and tram attachments which provide additional capacity for transporting people and loads.

utility - personnel

Recreational Carriers

Multipurpose vehicles are ideal not only for personal use, but also fit the needs of manufacturing facilities, parks and municipalities, and colleges and universities. These dependable and rugged vehicles are built to handle various terrains and environments.

utility - rec

Specialty Vehicles

Our specialty vehicles are designed to meet your specific business needs. Our various vehicles include ambulance carts, beverage carts, utility trailers, wheelchair transport units, and much more.

utility - specialty

Stock Chaser Vehicles

Stock chaser equipment is uniquely designed to aid in picking parts and stock from you storage facility and is easy to maneuver through tight spaces. Equipped with variable-speed motor which allows you to control the rate of traffic in your facility.

utility - stock chaser

Street Legal Vehicles

Columbia Mega trucks combine the comfort of an automobile and the versatility of a utility vehicle. These street legal vehicles are electric powered which circumvent rising gasoline costs and provide a cleaner, greener alternative to other forms of transportation.

utility - street legal

Tug Vehicles

It is a narrow aisle vehicle with incredible maneuverability making it as easy to operate indoors as it does outside. Stand-up operation along with front and rear flashing lights provides superb visibility to operators and nearby traffic.

utility - tow


Top of The Line Vehicles from Wiese USA

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