Utility & Warehouse Vehicle Rentals

Utility & Warehouse Vehicle Rentals

Wiese offers a full line of industrial and warehouse vehicle rentals to keep your operation running efficiently. Electric powered vehicles are an easy way to circumvent rising fuel costs and are a cleaner alternative to alternate fuel sources.

These all-purpose vehicles are ideal for a wide variety of applications from getting cargo, supplies, or materials to their destination to simply transporting people throughout large facilities. We carry a wide variety of electric vehicles in our rental fleet.

Personnel Carriers

rental warehouse vehicleFrom single person carriers that help employees cover a lot of ground in your operation, to larger carts and vans ideal for transporting groups of people, Wiese offers an assortment of electric vehicles for your specific operation.

  • Effective way to transport up to 4 people easily around your facilities
  • Trailer and tram attachments provide additional capacity for transporting people and loads
  • Electric vehicles are efficient and green
  • Ideal for use in colleges & universities, warehouse & production facilities, churches and airports

Utility / Burden Carriers

personnel vehicle rentalEssential vehicles for improving the efficiency of any warehouse, utility vehicles increase the rate at which orders can be picked and assembled or serve as ideal vehicles for maintenance and materials management crews.

  • Ideal for transporting loads of up to 5,200 pounds quickly and easily
  • Trailer attachments allow you to transport additional loads
  • Safely transports one or two people
  • Electronic and gasoline powered options available
  • Ideal for manufacturing and warehouse settings, colleges, universities and hospitals

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With numerous locations across the Midwest, Wiese can quickly provide a broad range of quality rental vehicles to any number of locations at very competitive prices. Get started today by contacting your local Wiese representative or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.